Innovation, Life, and Love are the three most precious things.
This site includes poetry, prose, and commentary about them.

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lava pool, Galapagos

lava pool, Galapagos

-written August 2012, facing a probable diagnosis of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), later confirmed

I am wondering about some big questions.

What is the point of the universe? Life, perhaps. As physicist Paul Davies said, the details of matter and energy just happen to be exactly right to support the genesis of life, and one can suppose that life is the inevitable outcome of the big bang, and all that followed. Predestination, as the Puritans might say had they known Einstein?
What is the meaning of life? Or is it simply enough to live it for as long as we can hold the gift in our hands, and let it go when we can’t? Does life actually require meaning? Earth – the biosphere – does not care when one life begins and when another life ends. It’s merely the blinking on and off of lights, like the cool pale fire of luciferin ignited in the abdomens of lightning bugs on a June evening. Is innovation part of the answer – learning the wealth of knowledge, using it to come up with new ideas for solving problems and producing new things and improving life, and carrying those ideas forward into the world?

How can we express and feel and accept love? Most of us are blessed to be born from love and nurtured and raised to independence by loving parents, and we are fortunate to feel love for others in our family and then beyond, and strong enough to survive the 1500 scars that our hearts must bear as time goes on. And love of the world and creativity itself can lead to wonderful new cultural gifts of music and art and lifesaving drugs and hilarious movies.

Is love the meaning of life? Can love be strengthened through innovation and creativity? It’s fair to say that a full life is one that begins in love, flows with love, and ends in love, with love and innovation left behind for others, as part of the common heritage.

I am curious about why people approach life creatively. What helps us do that? Is innovation itself a calling worthy of deep commitment? Is it a fundamental part of human character? Is the drive to innovate a motive force that can be harnessed to organize our daily activities?

What role does intellectual property, my professional focus, play in channeling innovation and helping or hindering the achievement of a meaningful life through innovation?

The definitions of innovation, life, and love are not to be found in a dictionary. I started this blog to try my hand at defining them. I want to find the answers to the big questions.

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