Infinite Art

Infinite Art
Michael Gollin

I live in a painting
Of infinite detail.
Green leaves gray bark
Blue sky white clouds
Washed in yellow sun rays.

I inhabit a sculpture garden
Of massive dimensions.
Tree trunks railings
Walls and doors.

I sit in a song
Of endless variety.
Bird cricket frog wind
Cars trucks jets
A train a dog a voice my breath.

My skin is caressed
with loving touch.
A breeze, the sun, raindrops.
My clothes embrace me.
I am at peace —
a piece of the art of the world.


Who Am I?

Who Am I?
July 3, 2013, 56th birthday
Michael Gollin

I am my name, my address, my town.

I am my mind.

I am my face, my picture, my silhouette, my fingerprint and gait.

I am my voice, expressions and words.

I am my parents and siblings and aunts and uncles.

I am my grandparents and their home towns.

I am my children, my relatives and friends,
I am my teachers and students
and the books I read and wrote and songs I heard and played and sang.

I am my birthday
I am my birthplace.

I am my SSN, usernames, IDs, passwords and digital presence.

I am the paths I’ve walked, the streets I’ve driven,
My employer,
The clients I served.

Not my illness?

The food I cooked and ate and cleaned up.

The fish I caught and killed and cleaned.

I am my breath and heart beat.

I am my spirit….




Lowen and Navarro: Eric Lowen, Musician, Died of ALS

Eric Lowen, Musician, Dies at 60

We met Dan Navarro at the ALSA meeting. His duo partner Eric Lowen died of ALS 3 years ago. They performed 5 years after the diagnosis.

Dan pointed me to their song about the moment after diagnosis. It is heartbreaking and beautiful.
How Mighty Is The Silence.

I have become a big fan of their many albums with soaring lyrics and perfect harmony.