Infinite Art

Infinite Art
Michael Gollin

I live in a painting
Of infinite detail.
Green leaves gray bark
Blue sky white clouds
Washed in yellow sun rays.

I inhabit a sculpture garden
Of massive dimensions.
Tree trunks railings
Walls and doors.

I sit in a song
Of endless variety.
Bird cricket frog wind
Cars trucks jets
A train a dog a voice my breath.

My skin is caressed
with loving touch.
A breeze, the sun, raindrops.
My clothes embrace me.
I am at peace —
a piece of the art of the world.


Jon Imber

I just added this to the Terminal Disease Cultural Collection and thought it worth sharing:

Jon Imber’s Left Hand (Richard Kane 2014).
-Thanks CCALS for reporting on Jon Imber.
-This is an amazing preview of a documentary about renowned painter Jon Imber, who kept painting right through the end of his struggle with ALS, switching to his left hand, and then to a brush fastened to his head. His last painting was the week he died in April 2014.
He had an unquenchable zeal for life and beauty, and was part of a loving family and circle of friends that supported him, literally, in his work, holding him up while he painted.
See for examples of his exuberant, colorful work.