Lowen and Navarro: Eric Lowen, Musician, Died of ALS

Eric Lowen, Musician, Dies at 60 http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/28/arts/music/eric-lowen-musician-dies-at-60.html

We met Dan Navarro at the ALSA meeting. His duo partner Eric Lowen died of ALS 3 years ago. They performed 5 years after the diagnosis.

Dan pointed me to their song about the moment after diagnosis. It is heartbreaking and beautiful.
How Mighty Is The Silence.

I have become a big fan of their many albums with soaring lyrics and perfect harmony.

2 thoughts on “Lowen and Navarro: Eric Lowen, Musician, Died of ALS

  1. wasn’t familiar withe these artists. Enjoyed several songs while painting my face. Somehow youtube got me 2 Pat Benatar and Martina McBride which then rabbit-holed me over to the rescue of a chained dog and cute baby pics. You started a spiral of beauty Michael….thanks!


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