Who Am I?

Who Am I?
July 3, 2013, 56th birthday
Michael Gollin

I am my name, my address, my town.

I am my mind.

I am my face, my picture, my silhouette, my fingerprint and gait.

I am my voice, expressions and words.

I am my parents and siblings and aunts and uncles.

I am my grandparents and their home towns.

I am my children, my relatives and friends,
I am my teachers and students
and the books I read and wrote and songs I heard and played and sang.

I am my birthday
I am my birthplace.

I am my SSN, usernames, IDs, passwords and digital presence.

I am the paths I’ve walked, the streets I’ve driven,
My employer,
The clients I served.

Not my illness?

The food I cooked and ate and cleaned up.

The fish I caught and killed and cleaned.

I am my breath and heart beat.

I am my spirit….




3 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Your beautiful poem reminded me, Michael, of something Albie typed to me: “This is not me,” he typed. “I know.” I said.
    He was not his illness. You are not your illness. I love you, Aunt Ann

    • I added the question at the end in honor of uncle Albie. His experience with you jump started my journey and helped prepare us. Illness is now part of me but does not define me or him or anyone except in hospital or nursing home. Love you too.

  2. Hi Mike, I love this poem and I am very honored, proud and happy to be a part of you. Love always and have a wonderful time in Cape Cod! Mike P.


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