Going back (and forth)

Going back (and forth)

June 2013
Michael Gollin
A 35th reunion haiku sandwich


I look in your face,
and see myself reflected
now and long ago.

I look in your face,
and yours and yours.
We see ourselves
both young and old, together,
smiling at each other,
here right now,
and so many years ago —

We formed one class with
countless members,
courses, dorms, and clubs.
The first community we found
as adults–
home away from home —
was here.

Then off we went
like every class
for jobs, new friends, and love,
trouble and joy.
Life sweeps us forth.
But we go back
time and time again.

I look in your face,
And I see all of us, all
our lives, reflected.


2 thoughts on “Going back (and forth)

  1. Yes, this is the reality of the strange pull of the campus and the one reunion I experienced (my 25th) Thank you.

  2. The direct re-connection implied in the serial use of “you” gives the poem both specific focus and universal relevance, a deep and powerful notion of “you” that actually says “us”..
    Thank you,
    Michael Colopy


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