When You Run Out of Up

    When You Run Out of Up

March 2013
Angels Landing, Zion

When you run out of up,
you’re at the top,
nowhere to go but down.
A decision while you stop —

Back the way you came,
the known route — once rehearsed,
the same becomes different,
with vistas in reverse.

Or descend the next canyon
continuing the trail,
in search of mystery,
to find a hidden vale.

Each way has its charms.
Onward risks the great unknown.
Will I find my way?
Darkness falls, I may get left alone.

But adventure is a guide,
and my feet can reach the ground.
If I hike out and find no ride,
I’d take the long walk round.

Two paths diverge on a redrock peak,
from way up high, both ways look good.
But I can’t take them both at once.
And I can’t stay, so I must decide.


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