Spring snow

Spring Snow
Michael Gollin
March 30, 2014

After we endure two days of rain,
the air and ground turn white again!
Snow to end the month of March? Really?
But still, I offer you my guarantee —
something you can count on —
Spring will come! (I won’t say when.)

You can just believe me,
or stick around and wait and see.
And when new blooms have conquered snow,
I can say I told you so.

Every spring in Rochester,
my father used to say:
It always snows in April,
it sometimes snows in May.

He kept his word, with nature there,
we never proved him wrong,
and I will keep my promise, too,
that Spring will come along.


2 thoughts on “Spring snow

  1. Thanks Michael for sharing this. We’re seeing (dead- no dormant) grass at last (beside the five-seven foot high piles of snow), knowing there’s more snow (frozen Spring rain) to come, but no doubt Spring is creeping northward. My family’s ritual was planting peas on St. Patrick’s day, even if we had to poke holes with a steel rod. The garden catalogues came in March and my father would be inserting bookmarks, paper clips…planning a garden brought him back from a near-death experience the year I was born, and brought his spirits back every March.


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