Pursuit of Happiness, No.2

Pursuit of Happiness

Experiment #2

Draw 4 columns on a sheet of paper or create a table using your computer.

In the first column, list all activities that make you happy. (Hopefully that’s a long list.)

In the second, list activities that make you unhappy. (Hopefully, short.)

In the third, list the opposites of the 2nd column. Rank the activities in the 1st and 3rd column in significance.

In the 4th, list the top ranked activities. Do some of them every day, and work towards doing others.

Make note of the results.

3 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happiness, No.2

  1. I’m having a bit of trouble with the opposites, Michael…for instance, what is the opposite of loading the dishwasher??? It cannot be unloading or washing by hand, because those are also on my “unhappy” list…


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