Michael Gollin
February 2015


My spirit is the water within me,
a full bowl, still among
coursing currents flowing.

Vapors rise with every breath
forming air, clouds, rain, and earth.
In the wispy clouds above
I see animals and ancestors.

When the sun shines
spirit is the color I reflect
beyond eyes hair teeth and skin
like the man in the moon.

A glowing ember in my heart,
spirit slumbers,
or fanned in communion,
awakes, ignites –
spreads warmth to all around,
lights the way for ones who follow.

A flame received at birth
from forbears, a torch
to carry while running my race
until I hand it off.

Electricity crackling
through my nerves
my compass pointing north
inner peace.

My will and essence
love and compassion
good deeds done
the point of my story.

Spirit knows wrong from right
and moves at the tempo of
mountain river flower wind.
It resonates to bird song and art.

Courage and grace
a trace
a little bit
of the greater spirit.


2 thoughts on “Spirit

  1. From Richard Gollin: A fine series of metaphors and flowing sounds for the sense of a generous and growing self connected (by e.g. vapor, reflection, heat, spark, intent, sound, mind, attitudes and actions) to a greater other. Not easily conceived or sustained, but the short lines make it all possible! Congratulations!


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