Agnostic Revelation, 4 a.m.

Agnostic Revelation, 4 a.m.
Michael Gollin

God is the mystery.
The mystery is God.
I know what God is –
God is what I don’t know.

Unrevealed, that is God.
Unrevealable, that is God.
What is God?

God is experienced in splendid isolation.
God is shared in fellowship.
I know what God is.
God is what I don’t know.

I don’t believe in God.
I don’t believe there is no God.
I don’t know.
God is what I don’t know.

The mystery is shrouded,
The shroud may slip, be seen, be touched,
in the breath of wind in darkened trees, but
The mystery cannot be seen,
Or touched, or heard, or felt on the skin,
Or smelled, or tasted.
God can only be imagined.
All men feel this in their souls when they are alone.
All children know this in their youth,
All women grow this in their hearts
They know they don’t know.

Around the globe, people know.
They don’t know.
They doubt and wish and hope and fear and share and fight and pray.
There is only one way.

There are many ways.
There are five, like fingers on my hand.
Moslems know, five times a day.
Jews know for five long hard millenia
Christians know one or five hundred ways.
Buddhists know in every breath
Hindus know through all their gods.
Atheists know that these five don’t know.
No one knows.

Can you love what you don’t know?
I wish I knew.
I know.
Now I know.
I don’t know.

Will I know tomorrow?
I don’t know.
I wish I knew.
Don’t you?

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