Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet
Michael Gollin
– Apologies to Monty Python


Undertaker’s calling
“Bring your dead out to the street.”
Old man shouts, defiantly,
”I’m not dead yet!”


I’m walking and I’m talking
and Death is not a threat.
I’ve lived to tell this story
so I’m not dead yet.

Miles to go before I sleep,
I don’t have time to fret,
moving down this winding road,
I’m not dead yet.

The deck is stacked against me
every time I place a bet,
but each hand I win reminds me
that I’m not dead yet.

I try to do more good than bad
and pay off all my debt.
The best is surely coming
‘cause I’m not dead yet.


Our days on earth are numbered
but the number isn’t set.
Every day‘s a miracle when
you’re not dead yet.

I craved your loving kindness
From the moment that we met.
We can hug and kiss forever
When we’re not dead yet.

Live each day until you die,
it’s all that you will get,
make it count forever
when you’re not dead yet.

The evening sky is blazing now,
is this my last sunset?
No! I’ll see tomorrow’s
‘cause I’m not dead yet.


Mark Twain laughed and told the world
the rumors of his death
were exaggerated.
He was not dead yet!

Grasp the truth before you
like the leash that holds a pet:
Death binds our lives together
but we’re not dead yet.

Tyrants think that we’ll give up,
that our freedom we’ll forget,
but we the people never lose
When we’re not dead yet.


One day will be my last no doubt
and when my fate I’ve met,
I’ll recall each time I said
I’m not dead yet!

If we live with grace and courage
and we act without regret,
each choice we make, we prove again
we’re not dead yet.

Our deeds can last forever
for everyone we’ve met —
in memories of all who care,
we’re not dead yet.


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