If you don’t feel guilty about something you haven’t finished yet, maybe you are not ambitious enough. Carry your guilt proudly as a measure of what matters to you. And don’t worry, when you finish your task, you can always find something else to feel guilty about!

One thought on “Guilt

  1. What a coincidence – just the other day I posted on Facebook that I was overwhelmed at times with the enormity of the task of renovating the kitchen. My brother responded that he was more concerned with my well-being once the task was finished – what would I do then? The answer: continue removing the ’70s from the rest of the house – both bathrooms, the guest room, then paint the whole upstairs, sell the place and downsize! Then…who knows? I consciously chose to become a workaholic in 5th grade following a nervous breakdown about my life going by so fast. From then on, I was never satisfied unless I accomplished a long list of things every day. Moving to Vermont was a shock – everything closed at dinner time. These days, I have gotten in the habit of relaxing evenings in front of the TV, something I’ve always abhorred – God strike me dead for being so lazy! Screw that.


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