Green leaves brown, fall down.
Frost kills plants, insects. Life ends.
Death is forever.

Green leaf browns, falls down.
Life ends. Death is forever.
A new life begins.

5 thoughts on “Haikus

  1. Your Haiku says it all, Michael. As time goes on I have learned that there is great truth in those words. Love to all of you, Aunt Gloria

  2. Dear Michael: It’s so great to see more poetry from you. You are incredibly amazing and so inspiring. I detect you are watching autumn take a hold of nature back east. Here in CA, we actually had a fair amount of rain in October, so plants are probably confused – Yay, water after years of drought, so let’s grow, grow, grow … but soon the temperatures will fall and the plants must curl up into their winter mode. In the meantime, our temperatures over the next week should barely hit 70, so maybe a late summer is coming after all?? If you don’t mind (and you know me … always questioning and thinking deeply), I’d like to push back on your Haiku a bit. I have never felt that Death is forever, because something always survives whether that be nutrients that dissolve into the soil and return in a new plant, or that be an experience that lives on through another being – think about a bee that carries pollen from one flower to another. Even after the bee dies, that pollinating experience has touched others and lives through others. Of course, if you believe in reincarnation (and I do a bit, in an ethereal way), then death is not forever. Okay, Okay … the poem is an expression of observations or feelings – I won’t dispute your expression anymore! And I do agree that life is always renewed in many ways (some subtle and some obvious). Thanks so much for sharing (and apologies if you didn’t like my pushback … reminds me of our spirited and engaging conversations over food and drink!). Huge hugs to you, Janna


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