Sixty years old

Michael Gollin
July 3, 2017

Sixty years old
At fifty five, I slowed down.
I had been going fast and faster.
I lost running, walking unaided, walking at all, standing.
I lost typing, driving, using tools, gardening.
I lost eating solids, eating liquids.
I lost hugging and kissing.
I have my five senses and the sixth one, love.
I am grateful for the insurance and money
to afford round the clock care.
My eyes work, and I have a little motion in my neck and left arm.
All night I dream I am healthy.
I am enveloped in love.
It  is a tragedy to die in your fifties,
but it’s just bad luck to die in your sixties.
An improvement.

6 thoughts on “Sixty years old

  1. Sorry for all the things you can no longer do; you have an amazing mind and can still write prose. Our son, Mike Rauck, gave us the link to your blog; had been thinking of you recently and wondering how you were doing. You seem very grateful for the care that you have been given. Hang on to that love!

  2. Happy Birthday Michael! You are two weeks older than me. Diane and I will find a time to come down and visit again soon. Best Barry


  3. Happy birthday Michael. BIO just isn’t the same without you. I was just there and took my daughter, she just graduated in biomedical engineering. I wish things were different for you, but sending you love and hugs across the miles. Nina

  4. Sending you warm wishes on your 60th birthday. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you over all these years, but agree with Nina that BIO just isn’t the same without you. I miss our lunches when we can debate issues and then strategize on what we can do to change the world, and the panels where we did try to change people’s thinking! I’m glad to see that you still have your active mind coming up with new writings to share your thoughts and your sense of humor! Much love to you, Janna

  5. Wish you happy 60th birthday! Although you have lost a lot, your critical mind and sense of humor are here, as presented in your pose, for all of us to appreciate and enjoy. Hope all the best to you!


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