June 2014
Michael Gollin


| – – |

Two posts hold a hammock
slung between them.
And we must swing.

Two tall pillars –
birth and death –
rock solid facts,
conglomerated cause and chance,
secure both ends of life.

[Your name here]
19XX – 20YY

Each was born one day
somewhere by a mother –
Each will die one day
somewhere somehow.
No one asked to be born,
and few will choose to die.
All we control is the hyphen in between.

A hyphen printed has more atoms of ink than I have days.
A digital hyphen’s electrons outnumber us all.
Every living day is a birthday –
and there’s only one deathday –
until then we are ageless.
There’s only one age – alive.
So have a happy hyphen!


3 thoughts on “Hyphen

  1. Your thoughts and feelings are wise and beautiful. They are all heartening gifts that call us to pay attention. You are a gift-giver, my dear nephew, an awakener, a guide and nurturer of our souls, minds and hearts. Thank you is not sufficient. What a joy to be in the same hyphen.


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