​Michael Gollin
July 2016

I am lost in a strange land between life and death.

My body rebels. 

My mind resists. 

I know the destination.

It is unavoidable.

The question I confront is how will I get there and when.

Most people don’t even recognize that this land exists.

But some admire me just for being here.

I am a pioneer.

I can’t use my hands or legs and I can’t talk or eat or breathe without a ventilator.

But I will find my way in the end.

10 thoughts on “Pioneer

  1. You will, in fact, find your way Michael. In the meantime your impact on those of us who may not be thinking of “this land” is immeasurable. Thank you.

  2. Powerful poetry, Michael. Despite the losses you still make an impact on all of us who face this journey.

  3. Michael: Thank you once again for sharing your thoughtful points of view. It is hard to fathom being caught in limbo land, but I’m so glad you are sharing your ideas and perspectives. Much love, Janna

  4. Echoing the comments of others here, Michael. Your poem in both sad and beautiful. I admire your courage, curiosity, and optimism. Hate this damn disease. Xoxo

  5. Mike – I think of you often, especially this time of year. I still have dreams I’m at Santuit Pond. I still see us all as kids walking gingerly down the stony roads… Thank you for your poetic, insightful writings, and I will continue sending you loving thoughts. Give my regards to your family when you see them.


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